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Surveying projects

As a firm regulated by RICS, we provide the core disciplines of Building and Quantity Surveying.  We undertake professional services covering survey inspections, building pathology, defects reports and party wall matters.  We also act as Project Manager and Contract Administrator on conversion, refurbishment and maintenance works projects.

Contract Administration

We have a wealth of experience in delivering successful outcomes of projects by ensuring that we have firm control of any project that we manage.

We carefully monitor expenditure and manage all variations through regular dialogue with all parties and through our monthly contract instructions, recording additional works and any omissions. Our experience ensures that any non-compliance issues are dealt with straight away through our monthly contract progress meetings, where there is a requirement for all party participation.

We close out all projects as Contract Administrators, ensuring that health & safety matters, particularly under CDM 2015 are complied with, prior to the issuing of the Certificate of Practical Completion.

Quantity Surveying

As quantity surveyors, we offer a comprehensive service from inception to completion of a project, incorporating cost advice and estimating, tender documentation production and contract and procurement advice, as well as full financial post contract control.

Underpinning all of this on a project by project basis is the whole life appraisals we undertake, the regular financial reports we provide and the cashflow forecasts we issue.

Expert Witness

Our expert witness services relate to property and construction disputes. These often encompass workmanship issues, contract interpretation, design, costs and professional negligence. These services often require a detailed analysis of documentation, often supported by physical survey and a comprehensive understanding of building construction, standard building contracts and professional services. It also requires a detailed understanding of construction costs and professional fee levels.

In addition, we provide expert witness services in criminal cases both to the Prosecuting Authority, for example Kent Police Authority, and on occasions for the Defendants in building and building contract related cases.

Party Wall Matters

Since the Party Wall etc Act 1996 was enacted, notice must be served for certain works to party walls and excavations close to neighbouring buildings. If the adjoining owner dissents to a notice, the two owners must either agree the appointment a surveyor or each appoint a surveyor.

We have surveyors with considerable experience in the implementation of the procedures of the Party Wall Act, with a good knowledge of construction and the Act, who can help developers manage potential liabilities and advise neighbours on how to protect their property during proposed works.

Computer Aided Design

Our computer-aided drafting and design studio produce digital drawings to suit all requirements and specifications. The services include measured building surveys and record drawings, 2D CAD design drafting and 3D design and visualisation with BIM capabilities.

Through the use of programmes such as AutoCAD and ARCHICAD, we produce drawings for any stage of a construction or refurbishment project to the level of detail that you require.

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Other Services