Faithorn Farrell Timms LLP

Type 1 Fire Risk Assessments for Keniston Housing Association

the project

Faithorn Farrell timms was appointed by Keniston Housing Association to undertake Type 1 Fire Risk Assessments and Health and Safety Audits to 17 housing estates in London and Kent. Our client wished for us to capture any actions arising from the assessments and audits in order to facilitate a programme of rectification works.

Our role

  • We designed a Type 1 Fire Risk Assessment form, complete with codes attributed to actions to facilitate rectification works.
  • We developed a Health and Safety Audit Report which was used to capture actions resulting from our audits to facilitate rectification works.
  • We formulated a schedule of rectification works, saving our client time and money.
  • We made access arrangements and conducted assessments on site.

the challenges

  • The estates were scattered and required considerate programming to ensure completion could be achieved within the timescale.
  • We were required to access 100% of the blocks.
  • The buildings were occupied.

the solution

Prior to commencement, we met with our client and reviewed the current access arrangements for operatives working on their stock to ensure that we could access all blocks.

We resourced the project with specific teams dedicated to this contract to ensure that our role could be completed within the agreed timescale.

Blocks with specific access requirements were scheduled to be undertaken before others and we obtained keys for these blocks from our client, which we returned upon completion of assessments. This was imperative to ensuring completion within the timescale.

added value

As our client wished to capture information to facilitate rectification works, we developed a spreadsheet whereby actions were inputted, and based on the nature of these, priorities were given to higher risks works.

Our spreadsheet was developed to form a schedule of works therefore saving our client time and money and allowing rectification works to commence at an earlier stage.