Faithorn Farrell Timms LLP

Stock Condition Survey for The Industrial Dwellings Society

SCS covering a portfolio of 1,400 dwellings and associated communal blocks in North London

the project

Following a competitive tender process, Faithorn Farrell Timms was appointed by The Industrial Dwellings Society (1885) Ltd (IDS) to undertake a stock condition survey covering a portfolio of 1,400 dwellings and associated communal blocks. All blocks were to be inspected along with a representative sample survey of the dwellings across schemes.

IDS wished to update the data held within their Keystone asset management database as the system was not being used to its full potential and there were doubts over the adequacy of the condition data held.

our role

  • To conduct surveys across 26 schemes plus a range of one-off street properties.
  • To conduct a pilot survey and review the existing condition dataset held by IDS within Keystone.
  • Programme the survey inspections and make access arrangements with residents.
  • To provide a comprehensive stock condition survey report complete with financial forecast analysis and the supporting data.

the challenges

  • IDS did not hold licences for the Keystone Foundation data capture software for tablet PCs.
  • Our initial data checks revealed that the Keystone survey design and schedule of rates configuration was in need of improvement. IDS had a desire for a full populated dataset rather than the use of extrapolation routines to inform programmes of planned maintenance work and asset appraisal modelling.

the solution

We first conducted a pilot survey of a block and 10 flats using our own comprehensive survey form designs. We then produced a mini stock condition survey report which included a data mapping cross referencing to highlight where data would be lost where there was no corresponding option within the IDS Keystone configuration.

We followed this up by conducting a data health check and database system review which led to us re-designing large parts of the Keystone configuration. As there was not time to implement the changes within the Keystone system before the survey inspections, we designed our own survey forms to match the new configuration in order that IDS could import the data via the Key Generic Interface once the configuration had been updated.

As there was a large degree of homogeneity between dwellings within schemes, a 20% representative sample survey was undertaken although this was increased on several schemes where IDS suspected there may be a greater variance in condition. All blocks and street properties were inspected.

An intelligent cloning process was then undertaken whereby the core data from suitable donor properties inspected was copied to un-surveyed dwellings within the same scheme. This data was then overlaid with any available records for exact last replacement years for main components within the cloned properties.

added value

We have provided strategic professional advice and support to our client throughout the project with the end goals of the survey and asset management objectives in mind. Our added value input will allow IDS to more accurately forecast their planned maintenance liabilities and develop a strategy to maintain, analyse and update their data.

November 2018 Update – we have recently updated and refined previously cloned data by completing a second batch of internal dwelling surveys. As part of their strategic asset management objectives, IDS is committed to undertaking a sample of inspections each year to update the information within Keystone. Investment has been made in the purchase of Foundation data capture software licences in order that the survey information is captured in an efficient manner correlating directly to the database configuration.