Faithorn Farrell Timms LLP

Stock Condition Survey for B3Living

SCS of 1,500 assets

the project

Faithorn Farrell Timms was appointed by B3Living to conduct a programme of stock condition surveys to update their records with their Integrator asset management database.

Our Client had developed a proactive surveying strategy to continually refresh data and ensure up-to-date information was being used for forward projections and output reporting. The target properties were either last surveyed more than five years ago, previously cloned from other surveys or had their data created from a desktop perspective.

our role

  • To conduct 1,500 surveys incorporating stock condition and full RdSAP energy data capture
  • Programme the survey inspections and make access arrangements with residents
  • Utilise the Integrator Housing Solutions ‘Pocket Surveyor/Notus’ tablet based software
  • Load surveys into the Integrator asset management database
  • To provide a refreshed comprehensive stock condition survey report complete with 30-year financial forecast analysis and supporting data

the challenges

  • The rate of access required to occupied properties was relatively high (72%) to deliver the surveys from a target list of just over 2,000 properties.
  • The Integrator database has a web based portal for survey data transfer to and from tablet PCs but the database itself is not web based. Therefore, we needed to implement a strategy for remote data management and validation.

the solution

We distributed informative letters to residents to request access to their homes on a specific date with a named surveyor and provided plenty of notice. Residents were then encouraged to contact our survey administrators to book a time slot or to request an alternative date if the one provided was not convenient. We had a positive response and managed to deliver 1,467 surveys in the time allocated for the survey phase.

We took an export of the data files from B3Living’s Integrator and set up our own version of the database which mirrored the survey design and options file. The surveys were conducted using tablet PCs pre-loaded with the Pocket Surveyor/Notus software to return data in a format that could be directly loaded to B3Living’s database. We visited B3Living’s offices at the end of the survey phase, imported the new surveys to Integrator and then produced new whole stock reports based on the existing data held, supplemented by the new data.

added value

We procured the project through a direct call off from Lot 3 - Asset Management Surveys of the South-East Consortium (SEC) Framework. This saved B3Living the time to undertake a selection process and as we paid a levy from our fees direct to SEC. There was no cost to our client for the procurement.