Faithorn Farrell Timms LLP

Developing an Asset Management Strategy for A2Dominion Housing Group

We supported A2D in the development of its innovative asset management strategy

The Brief

A2Dominion (A2D) is one of London’s largest housing providers, with 36,000 homes in management, it is part of the G15 group, a collective of major London housing providers. 

Faithorn Farrell Timms was appointed to support A2D in developing a new and innovative Asset Management Strategy (AMS), not in itself an unusual request as FFT specialise in this type of work.

A2D has a clear vison for its strategies and strategy documents: they are required to be concise and succinct. A document that might ordinarily span 30 pages, sometimes more, was required to be no more than 5 pages in length. 

Given the complex make-up of an organisation of this size, with annual spend of £10’s of millions on its asset management, reducing such a significant document to effectively a summary statement was a challenging exercise. 

Our role in the project

The work required a high level of engagement with senior executives across the organisation to understand the key shared priorities for the business. A series of workshops were held with directors and senior managers, challenging their views and expectations on such things as Brand, Market Forces, Business Priorities and the ‘Moral Compass’ (testing how far the Group might wish to stray from its core objectives and moral obligations). These challenges were necessary to get to a summarised position on the new strategy document.

Excellent buy-in was achieved through these workshop sessions.  FFT was able to support and encourage the participants to focus on the importance of a clear strategic direction for property that was supportive of the corporate objectives and the needs and expectations of the A2D residents.

The final document met the specification, was contained within the 5 page requirement and was acknowledged by the A2D executive team and Group Board of being an excellent example of a modern strategy document.