Faithorn Farrell Timms LLP

New-Build Housing at Cannon Wharf, Greenwich

New build construction of 678 private sale and affordable homes


London & Quadrant appointed Faithorn Farrell Timms in June 2013 to oversee the Section 106 element of an extensive development project to build 678 private sale and affordable homes. The affordable housing provision was for 117 flats and houses for general needs rent and shared ownership, spread over six blocks on a brownfield site in south east London.


  • Concrete frames with brick and render façade.
  • Powder coated, aluminium windows and green roofs.
  • External hard and soft landscaping areas, including a communal square amenity space with play area.

Serviced by an energy centre, the central plant provides heat and hot water to all units, which are individually metered through Heat Interface Units. The ground floor of each block has been allocated to commercial space for the re-provision of retail outlets currently occupying part of the site.


We undertook a complete design review to ensure compliance with the London Housing Design Guide criteria and prepared a pro-forma document for submission onto our client’s Information Management System, to be used as part of their development programme.

Ongoing quality control on-site is monitored by our Clerk of Works who liaises directly with our client’s quality management team as a continuous process up to and including the snagging of each unit.

Our established processes ensure that the works on-site comply with the Employer’s Requirements and relevant construction best practice.


  • A key problem encountered was the existence of an engineering plant which had caused heavy contamination of the soil with hydrocarbons.
  • The site was bound by existing, occupied housing stock with some anti-social behaviour issues


  • Pollutants were remediated on location and safely treated on-site with the grounds tested and re-tested to ensure the highest levels of safety for residential use
  • The blocks were all constructed to meet Secure by Design’s top certification and were designed to not only provide security of the home, but of the communal facilities and movement of residents around the development
  • We are working with London & Quadrant and Barratt London to ensure the scheme design meets the requirements of the London Housing Design guide, including Lifetime Homes and Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4.


In line with our client’s Key Performance Indicators, local labour and waste recycling performance against agreed targets are being monitored constantly to demonstrate the contractor’s progress in meeting the required standards.

As the site is bounded by existing housing stock, resident liaison events are convened every two weeks to address any particular concerns they may have about the works and to update surrounding neighbours on any potential disruption.

A newsletter is distributed to residents when necessary to inform them of any inconveniences including any noisy and dusty activities and the delivery of wide loads after hours.

The whole Cannon Wharf development has been designed as a premium place to live and has been constructed to the highest possible standards. L&Q are proud to offer these to our customer base and it has been a pleasure to work in partnership with Barratt London and Faithorn Farrell Timms during its delivery.

Deba Idumwonyi-Dee

Project Manager, London & Quadrant