Faithorn Farrell Timms LLP

Cost and Financial Control Services for Boston Mayflower’s Gas, Repairs and Voids Contracts

The Project

Faithorn Farrell Timms was appointed by Boston Mayflower Ltd to act as financial Partnering Advisors for their contracts with three service providers, covering gas servicing and repairs, day to day building and electrical repairs, and voids.

Boston Mayflower is a Registered Provider which owns and manages over 4,800 homes across Lincolnshire. The charity provides homes and support for people in housing need.

Our Role

By providing guidance through numerous strategic meetings, our task is to enable all parties involved in Boston Mayflower’s contracts to move forward with clearly-defined goals in place. By facilitating productive discussion between stakeholders, we can ensure the delivery of continuous improvements in service provision and optimise Value for Money.

Key tasks throughout this project will include:

• The facilitation of annual profiling of budgets and work categories with the contractor partners and Boston Mayflower’s Property Maintenance Manager.
• Organising, chairing and preparing relevant presentations for end-of-year contract review meetings, as well as providing any pertinent advice and recommendations.
• The completion of detailed quarterly open book reviews with the service providers.
• Attending quarterly Core Group meetings. 
• The preparation of price frameworks, associated interactive budgets, and resource monitoring sheets.
• Providing advice on possible revisions to the price frameworks.
• The provision of advice on fixed rate costs both within and outside of the price framework on a quarterly basis.

Our team will continue to work with Boston Mayflower for three years, with the option to extend for a further two years.

Added Value

Lee Maskell’s experience in the facilitation of Core Group meetings will ensure effective communication and successful partnering throughout the lifetime of this contract.  Lee will also draw on his extensive understanding of quantity surveying to conduct price framework development and open book reviews for each of the service providers. 

He will also manage valuations and benchmarking, set fixed cost rates and profile budgets, while Jennifer Jones will utilise her skills in providing bespoke documentation to produce and develop performance monitoring sheets.