Faithorn Farrell Timms LLP

Boiler Replacement at Dartford Civic Centre

the project

Faithorn Farrell Timms was appointed by Dartford Borough Council to review the current heating and hot water systems at their Civic offices in Home Gardens, Dartford.  The project required a feasibility study and subsequent works including replacing the existing boilers and controllers to provide a more effective, efficient and comfortable heating and hot water system. We also updated the cold-water storage system.

our role

We undertook the role of designer and contract administrator, providing traditional services under a JCT Minor Works contract.  We also provided quantity surveying and principal designer services.  As the role was of a technical nature, we required input from our M&E team to assist in identifying the most appropriate replacement boilers and in ensuring the continuity of the heating and hot water during the transfer of old to new boilers.

the challenges

  • During the feasibility phase, we were required to rationalise the decision for the boiler replacements and to undertake a cost benefit analysis of the capital cost of new boilers and maintenance against the cost of maintain the existing boilers.
  • The existing boilers were original and had passed their economic life-cycle to the extent that replacement parts were becoming obsolete.  This caused particular challenges for our client in delivering continuous heating and hot water.
  • In terms of the management of Legionella, the existing cold-water storage tank was deemed to be inappropriately sized and as such stored water could potentially become harmful.

the solutions

We undertook an options appraisal of the different ranges of boilers available and the practicalities alongside the costs.  We determined the most efficient boilers, as well as the elements of the heating apparatus that could be retained.  We calculated the extra efficiencies that the new boilers would bring and calculated the total savings likely to be made for our client.    

A fundamental aspect of the boiler replacement was to ensure the continuity of heating and hot water services and cold-water storage throughout the works.  We devised a phased approach, ensuring the continuation of services during transfer works.  We ensured that the works to the water tanks complied with local water by-laws with a management plan and that the risk of Legionella was therefore mitigated.  The new boilers were commissioned and operational and came online successfully in January 2018.