Faithorn Farrell Timms LLP

Asset Management Database Health Check for Acis Group

Strategic review of stock condition survey database and business planning assumptions

the project

Acis Group had recently implemented a new asset management database system and this had been complimented by the undertaking of a large-scale stock condition survey to gather fresh attribute and condition data for their stock covering 7,700 properties. Faithorn Farrell Timms were appointed to undertake an overview health check of the database setup and to provide an opinion on the accuracy of the data held.

our role

  • To conduct a review and perform analysis of the asset attribute listings held within the Promaster database.
  • To review the representation and completeness of data.
  • To benchmark the cost rates and lifecycles being used by Acis to forecast planned maintenance liabilities.
  • To conduct a small number of site validation surveys to audit the accuracy of condition data recorded.
  • To provide a comprehensive report together with supporting analysis for anomalies found and for areas where perceived improvement may be made.

the challenges

  • It would have been restrictive to have performed the analysis within the Promaster database and this may have interrupted the day to day asset management activities of Acis.
  • There was a significant volume of data as 99% of rented properties had survey data.
  • Validation projects are often viewed with scepticism within the Client organisation.

the solution

The project was led and managed by a Partner of the Practice who has a wealth of experience of asset management databases and stock condition surveys. We met with the client representatives to allay any fears over the purpose of the validation being anything other than to highlight positive factors and to provide helpful guidance for suggested enhancements to data and the database setup.

We provided a menu of data files we required to be exported from the Promaster database and through our own IT expertise, constructed a bespoke Microsoft Access database to analyse the information. This meant we could work more effectively from our own offices and there was no disruption to Acis other than the initial time to export the files. This also gave us greater flexibility to design our own analysis and reporting routines to cross reference the data.

We conducted a small sample of validation surveys and the surveyor was provided with an export of the exact data held for each property to check. To retain the data structure, we created populated survey forms for auditing on site. Any data changes were then analysed through a weighted scoring mechanism to provide an overall accuracy score.

added value

We provided a suite of open format and detailed appendices linked to our report to illustrate our findings and to provide clarity to Acis on how to address any recommendations made. We offered good practice guidance with strategic asset management techniques in mind, based upon our knowledge of how the data will be used for future forecasting and business planning purposes.